About Me

My name is Leah and I am a writer based in San Diego, California. A mother of two, I am always looking for opportunities to inspire my kids and learn something new myself. On my blog, you will find posts about topics I am most passionate about, typically parenting, nature, and environmental and social issues. I also post works of fiction here as well.

My varied background includes running a farmers market produce recovery program for a large LA-based non-profit and, before that, environmental planning for development projects all over Southern California.

This website is my creative outlet. It’s where I get to explore and dive into environmental and social issues and muse about what’s happening in the world, especially on how it pertains to raising well-rounded, creative kids. It’s also where I get to share some of my own creative prose.

I try to post weekly but I take a break from time to time to work on a bigger writing project (ahem, novel, ahem). I am also available to write for you or your business as a freelance writer. Please reach out for more information.

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