Meeting the Mountain Guardian

Day 25 of the February Flash Fiction Challenge. Today’s prompt is to write about a cryptid, or an animal whose existence isn’t substantiated (e.g., Sasquatch). Coincidentally, I wrote about Sasquatch on Day 16 of the Flash Fiction Challenge. This story is in support of the novel I am working on. I tried to keep theContinue reading “Meeting the Mountain Guardian”

The Red Azaleas

Flash Fiction February Challenge Day 24. Today’s prompt is to write your own myth. Today is my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday so I’m keeping this one short and sweet. Her name is Zailey, which you will see has influenced this myth story. I would love to expand on this one but my priority today isContinue reading “The Red Azaleas”

Finding Nature: How to Seek it Out and Why We Should

I grew up in the country. I used to pretend it wasn’t the country because I was worried people would think I was uncultured, a country mouse, or from “the sticks.” To my childhood friends, I would say, “we just live a little way out of town.” In my college years, I would just tellContinue reading “Finding Nature: How to Seek it Out and Why We Should”