Ten 10-Minute Engagement Activities to do with Preschoolers

If you are a parent of a preschooler, you know that the number one thing on their to-do list every single day is to PLAY WITH YOU. As adults, we don’t have the freedom to play all day. Even the stay-at-home parent has to set aside a large portion of the day for taking careContinue reading “Ten 10-Minute Engagement Activities to do with Preschoolers”

Mom Guilt

The following story is 100% true. While I have truly enjoyed pushing my creative brain to write these flash fiction stories this month–and I have had great opportunity to use them to develop some background for my novel–this month has been a challenge to say the least. I needed the opportunity to get away for some “me-time” but in most cases, I forced that opportunity into my afternoon at the expense of spending quality time with my two little kids. A constant struggle for the stay-at-home mom!

Climate Change and Kids: Are We Making the Right Decision?

Last September, I was driving down the freeway, listening to NPR’s Here and Now and they were interviewing a woman in her late 20s about why she is likely not going to have kids because of climate change. At the time, I was about 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and was caught a little off-guard. I consider myself an environmentalist but I had never questioned my decision to have kids. I felt a mixture of guilt, confusion, and, to be honest, a little bit of push-back against this fellow millennial’s opinion.