What can I do for you?

I provide editing services on a variety of documents including:

  • book manuscripts
  • technical documents (especially those in the urban planning sector)
  • informational and marketing documents
  • magazine articles or newsletters
  • academic papers (e.g., a masters thesis)
  • blog posts and website content

As a copyeditor, I will review your writing to make sure it is clear, coherent, consistent, and correct (the “4 Cs”). After we discuss your overall goals for the document, my revisions will focus mainly on grammar, tone, structure, and mechanical errors (e.g., punctuation and spelling). Whether you are working on a short story or training manual, I’m here to help!


If you have a document that’s in pretty good shape—and only needs a second set of eyes to catch major typos and grammatical errors—proofreading would be your best bet.


If you have a draft that needs more than just proofreading, I can provide copyediting services. Copyediting can be as little as correcting grammar, spelling, and syntax or as in-depth as rewriting passages and restructuring a draft. Depending on what your goal is, I can provide a light, medium, or heavy edit.

For a light edit, I will fix only major mechanical errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. Rather than rewriting, rearranging, or revising the draft, I will point out longer segments that might need to be reworked.

For a medium edit, I will do everything in a light edit in addition to suggesting revised text when appropriate. To a moderate extent, I will restructure the draft as appropriate to improve coherency or make suggestions to do so.

For a heavy edit, I will make all the mechanical corrections as in a light or medium edit in addition to rewriting passages that may need extra attention. I will make changes to the structure of the document as needed and double-check facts or plot inconsistencies (for fiction).

What are my rates?

Take advantage of these discounted rates as I get my business off the ground! The rates are based on project size.

Proofreading: $0.015/word

Copyediting (light and medium): $0.017/word

Copyediting (heavy): $0.019/word

Blog post/document edit no more than 3,000 words: $50

For all work, a twenty percent deposit is required at the start of a project. The remainder must be paid within thirty days of project completion.

What do I need from you?

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