“Leah is just excellent to work with. She has a deep understanding of the work and copyedited my paper very quickly and with a very reasonable price. Her expertise was invaluable for reviewing my work. I would recommend her service and will use her again and recommended her to all my colleagues.”

Meysam Manesh, Assistant Professor, Broadwell College of Business & Economics, Fayetteville State University

“Leah edited my first book! It is a middle grade commercial fantasy book titled Guardians of La Luz Buena. She read through the entire book in a month . . . and provided clear feedback for improving flow, dialogue, plot, and reader experience. She very much understood my project goals because she listened to me ramble on and on with patience and kindness.

She absolutely met my goals . . . so that I could relaunch marketing. I was very happy with the end result.

Now, the hard part is for me is to actually edit my book using her fabulous suggestions!!

I felt like this was very affordable, considering the price quotes I received from other vendors. I would definitely recommend you consider using Leah’s services.”

Jill Sarick Santos, Indie Author

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